Mapping and Photogrammetric Products

ADAM Technology provides a range of hardware and software photogrammetric products for the mapping industry.

For more detailed information on any of the products, you can download a product brochure from our brochures section.

High Precision Analytical Stereoplotters

ADAM PROMAP System and optional ORTHO System 2

ADAM Promap System
PROMAP System with optional Workstation Desk
Max Photo Size 254 x 254mm
System Resolution 0.5 microns
Measuring Accuracy < 3 microns
Optics Variable Zoom 3.5x to 18x (10x Eyepieces)
Field-of-view 14mm to 50mm
Illuminated FM 15, 25, 40, 80 microns

ADAM Technology's PROMAP System is our large format (240mm x 240mm photography) precision analytical stereoplotter. High accuracy analytical stereoplotters like the PROMAP are still the most accurate devices for precision vector mapping applications, including aerotriangulation.

Uniquely, the PROMAP also features the new ADAM ORTHO System 2 scanning and orthorectification component as an option. This combination of an analytical stereoplotter with a photogrammetric scanner is a breakthrough for the creation of digital orthophotos. It enables the PROMAP to create the vector maps and generate the fully rectified digital orthophoto, all on the one machine — no pre-scanning, no resampling, no duplication of data, and it's easy to use. The image is loaded into the PROMAP, then scanned and fully orthorectified at the same time. The scanning resolution can be set by the operator to any pixel size from 8 microns to 30 microns, and the software can resample to any output resultion you require. On screen Vector / Raster superimposition is available for job revision and updating applications. See our product brochures page for more information.

MPS-2 Small Format Photogrammetric System
Max Photo Size 55 x 55mm
System Resolution 3.5 micron
Measuring Accuracy < 4 micron RMS
Floating mark size 25 micron

MPS-2 (Microphotogrammetric System)

The MPS-2 is a full featured analytical stereoplotter designed to use small format photography — either 35mm or 70mm. This revolutionary equipment gives the Surveyor, Engineer or Geologist the photogrammetric tools to analyse photography and produce 3D output easily, and cost effectively. Portable and easy to use, applications for the MPS-2 are unlimited; if you have a measurement or surveying problem, the ADAM MPS-2 may be the answer.

Analogue-to-Analytical Conversions

ADAM Technology is able to convert the following analogue instruments into high-precision analytical stereoplotters:

  • WILD A8, A10

  • WILD B8 and B8S

  • WILD BC1-2-3 series instruments

  • KERN PG-2

  • ZEISS Topocart B, C and Technocart

  • Other instruments on request

B8 Conversion with Bench Stand Kit
Wild B8 Conversion with Desk Mount Kit fitted

All conversions utilise ADAM Technology's proven linear motion technology along with a stand-alone Electronics Control Unit (ECU). The ECU handles the machine calibration and the required orientation transformations: earth curvature corrections, lens corrections, and atmospheric refractions, therefore greatly reducing the computational load on the PC running the mapping software. As well as the conversion, ADAM also have available Desk Mount kits, Illumination Upgrades and Optics Upgrade Kits for these machines. The range of upgrades available ensure that these quality machines are still able to be productive long into the future.


Operator Controls

Various control options are available for use with all of our mapping products. You can use handwheels, a footdisk, and footswitches along with the standard Joystick Control Panniers. The Control Panniers allow for fast movement across a model, then the detailed digitising can be done with the conventional handwheels. For those without the traditional skills, the speed adjustable Joysticks may be all you need. All controls are compatible with each other and can be combined to suit your needs.

Handwheels Footdisk Footswitch
Handwheel Footdisk 2 way Footswitch (medium duty)
Footswitch XY Pannier Z Pannier
3 way Footswitch (light duty) X-Y Joystick Pannier Z Joystick Pannier


Upgrade Kits

Various Upgrade Kits are available to suit many of the popular analogue instruments. When updating your machine with an Analytical Conversion it is the perfect time to consider these upgrade kits. The current list of upgrades includes:

  • Wild B8 Illumination Upgrade Kit — This kit replaces the standard incandescent lamp with a fluorescent ring assembly. This kit is completely compatible with all standard B8 Illumination assemblies. The Illumination Upgrade assembly simply plugs into the existing globe holder — no machining, no extra electrics or electronics required. The replacement assembly dims using the original dimming controls. Additional diffusers, supplied with the kit, ensure that the light is distributed evenly over the whole photo area (which is desired when fitting the Analytical Conversion which can reach the full photo area).

  • Wild B8 Optics Upgrade — This kit replaces the original 6x eyepieces with new Wild 10x eyepieces. This slight increase in magnification enables greater accuracy of observation.

  • Wild B8 Bench Stand Kit — The B8 is a big machine but with this kit you can convert it to become a portable bench mount machine. It comes complete with the necessary illumination controls and all the hardware required to make this a stand alone, lightweight, desk-top machine.

  • Kern PG-2 Optics Upgrade Kit — This kit includes components to increase the magnification of the optics system from 2x-4x-8x up to 4x-8x-16x, along with a replacement smaller 40 micron floating mark. This increase of magnification and a smaller floating mark increases the usable range of the PG-2 to become more suitable to lower level, smaller scale aerial photography.

  • Kern PG-2 Bench Stand Kit — When fitted to the converted PG-2, this kit transforms it into a portable bench mount machine for use on your desk-top.

Upgrades to existing ADAM products are also available. These upgrades are continually being designed to meet customer requests. Please contact us if you have a need for a specific upgrade, we may already have it available.




ADAM Technology is a leader in mapping software development. Our software is distributed worldwide through our network of distributors. Contact us to find the distributor nearest you.

  • 3DD is ADAM's own full featured mapping software. View a full technical description of the latest version of 3DD or the 3DD Release History and Maintenance Updates page, which shows the latest upgrades and maintenance releases of 3DD.

    3DD now includes:

    • Polygons — data preparation package for GIS systems<

    • ITN — irregular triangular network and contour generation and volume calculation package

  • ADAM ORTHO System software — digital orthophoto system software (24 bit colour and 8 bit monochrome), supplied with the ORTHO System 2 upgrade kit for the ADAM PROMAP, generates fully rectified orthophotos down to the 8 micron pixel size.

  • PAT-B Conversion — ADAM Technology has developed an orientation import utility for several local clients. It allows the importing of automatic aero-triangulation results from Helava (PAT-B) softcopy software into ADAM System software.

    The conversion routine performs two main functions:

    1. Intelligently reducing the number of point observations per model to a user-defined number between 6 and 21. This step is necessary because the automatic aero-triangulation systems generally produce large numbers of points per model. The algorithm for selecting the points is designed to lead to a stable and robust orientation solution.

    2. Converting the data into an ADAM .PCO file format.

    The .PCO file can then be imported into the ADAM System Software. A new .PCO load program optionally allows the automatic calculation and application of lens distortion, earth curvature, and atmospheric refraction corrections, to cater for those programs that do not apply all three to the stored co-ordinates.

    For more information, please contact us for the representative nearest you, or email if you have any requirement to import aero-triangulation observations.

  • AEROSYS Bundle Adjustment — aero-triangulation package supporting GPS air stations. A cut-down version of this software is now packaged with 3DD 3.1 and runs direct from the menus. This is the OEM demo and allows you to use up to 10 photos, 20,000 points and requires no marx key. Check here for a full description of what Aerosys can offer. Aerosys now has released its latest version as an upgrade. You can contact ADAM or our representatives for further details.

  • uSMART — mapping and digitising software by SmartTech interfaces ADAM Analytical Stereoplotters and Analytical Conversions to Microstation.