3DD 3.0
Release History and Maintenance Updates

ADAM Technology provides Maintenance Updates free-of-charge to customers with a current ADAMcare Software Support agreement. Maintenance Updates are issued to address bugs or problems in the software that our users have encountered. This page summarises the maintenance updates released so far for 3DD 3.0. Each entry indicates the changes that have been made to 3DD 3.0 since the previous maintenance release.

3DD 3.0c

Released: 17/6/1999

  • Updated the MENUS program to read the A3EDIT environment variable to determine the user’s choice of editor.
  • Changed the TUMBLE program to display model co-ordinates in millimetres (to three decimal places) rather than metres.
  • A conversion report is now generated and can be viewed from the menus when converting a 3DD V2 job.
  • Fixed communications problems with MIMAKA boxes.
  • Removed restriction introduced (inadvertently) in V3.0 that all job control points should have an ident of 1.2 on analogue systems.
  • REORGing a JOB file now updates the bounding box correctly and no longer requires PREPARE to be run afterwards, however it still has other problems described in more detail in the release notes and so should be avoided.
  • Running DUMP and then CREATE on a MAP file with ground-relative annotations now restores the annotations to the correct size.
  • Corrected problems with dates produced in AS2482 reports.
  • Fixed communications problem with ADAM ECU when terrestrial models with resolutions of less than 1mm were used.
  • When exporting a MAP file to an AutoCAD DXF type "4" file, the progress display now correctly reports "AutoCAD 3D format for V12 and over used", rather than "AutoCAD 3D format for V10 used".
  • The Datum Height Checking facility of the digitising program JIM can now cope with control points with more than 8 characters in their names.
  • The log file reporting orientation statistics no longer reports the details of disabled points for the interior orientation.
  • Fixed various communications problems, including: certain buttons being ignored on a PROMAP using a 3D hand control for digitising; users sometimes having to digitise a fiducial twice while performing an interior orientation; 3DD interpreting a click of the S1 switch (for locking and unlocking carriages) as a footswitch.
  • The mouse co-ordinate display in the digitising window can now be switched off independently of the stereoplotter co-ordinate display by using the new command Ctrl+f. The command Ctrl+o will switch back on all co-ordinates, while Alt+o will switch off all co-ordinates. In addition, the mouse co-ordinates are now shown in white to distinguish them better from the stereoplotter co-ordinates.
  • Transferring style files from 3DD 2.* via the menus is now safer by forcing the user to specify the type of style file to transfer by choosing the type from a list. Previously, if the user specified the style file type with a '*' and the style file name with a '*', all files from the 3DD 2.* directory would be transferred, including e.g. 3DD 2.2 symbol libraries, which are incompatible with 3DD 3.0 libraries.
  • Symbols and text with a bearing are now plotted relative to the sheet's orientation and not the ground's orientation, so a symbol that should be pointing "up" will always point up regardless of the orientation of the sheet.
  • AS2482 support is now included in the standard distribution.

3DD 3.0b

Released: 6/11/1998

  • 3DD 3.0 is now fully Year 2000 Compliant. All dates should be dealt with correctly provided the underlying PC and operating system are also Year 2000 Compliant. Dates stored in files by earlier versions with 2-digit years will be interpreted by this version as lying between 1980 and 2079 (i.e. if an earlier version stored the date 7/10/98, this will be interpreted as 7/10/1998, while 7/10/02 will be interpreted as 7/10/2002). Note: previously, the actual format of the source date was irrelevant, as the data was not inspected by the software. Now it must be entered in the day-month-year format. The month may be specified using either a number (1..12), the English names or 3-letter abbreviations (e.g. Oct), or the name of the month in the language 3DD is set to use. The year can be either 2 or 4 digits. Two-digit years will be interpreted as lying between 1980 and 2079. Spaces, '/', or '-' symbols may be used as delimiters. The following are all valid ways of entering the 6th of November, 1998: "6-11-98" "6 Nov 98" "6/11/1998"
  • Almost all editing problems have now been fixed. The only known problem is performing an edit that removes the start and end of a feature when the edit was digitised in the reverse direction to the feature.
  • New menus and batch files have been included for running 3DD as an edit station.
  • Dynamic Pan is no longer restricted to the primary digitising device in digitising mode. Whichever device is active will trigger a dynamic pan, so you can move the mouse or the stereoplotter and the display will follow the one you are currently using.
  • Using Ctrl+w to centre the view on the mouse now works correctly. Previously the view would be centred on the current ground position of the mouse, but the mouse would be moved to a new ground position in order to preserve its screen position.
  • Height Datum checking and adjustment now works correctly for all supported analogue and analytical stereoplotters, including all models of ADAM analytical stereoplotters.
  • STRJOIN is now included in the delivery kit.
  • It is now possible to import ground control files that have comments on the end of lines, as documented.
  • The memory requirements of the ADAM stereoplotter driver have been reduced to help those with memory problems, especially Windows 95 and Windows 98 users.
  • The number of intersections that can be processed using using the 3DD 3.0 Intersection Processing feature has been increased from about 10,000 to 65,535.
  • Some users have reported horizontal bands appearing on the screen after pressing F2 in the digitising screen to update the digitising parameters and then pressing F3 to return afterwards. This has been fixed.
  • Added menu options for transferring 3DD 2.* FDF and style files into 3DD 3.0. These appear in the 3DD 2.* File Conversion menus. See page 278 of the Using the ADAM 3DD 3.0 Software manual for details on creating these menus.
  • Added a simple GUI to sym_conv (the program that converts 3DD 2.* symbol files into 3DD 3.0 format) to provide some feedback on the library that it converted.
  • Fixed minor display problem when the cursor was moved to the system origin fields when updating a horizontal coordinate system.
  • When creating a new FDF, if the user fails to press F2 to update the FDF tree and instead just presses F3 to exit immediately, a sensible creation date is now stored in the FDF file.
  • 3DD 3.0 is now more friendly when it encounters a serious problem at runtime, such as running out of memory. It should now shut down the graphics screen (if open) and all open windows, and if it was a memory problem it will inform the user of the amount of memory it was trying to allocate when it ran out of RAM. You will need to free up at least this much memory if you wish to try the operation again.

3DD 3.0a

Released: 17/8/1998

  • Initial release.