ADAM System Software 3.0
Release History and Maintenance Updates

ADAM Technology provides "Maintenance Updates" free-of-charge to customers with a current maintenance agreement. Maintenance Updates are issued to address bugs or problems in the software that our users have encountered. This page summarises the maintenance updates released for the ADAM System Software (ADAM) since release 3.0l in October, 1996. Each entry indicates the changes that have been made to ADAM 3.0 since the previous maintenance release.

ADAM 3.0s

Released: 23/11/2000

  • Increased the plate size limit for photo scanning from 230mm square to 250mm square. This makes it easier to scan 230mm diapositives as they no longer have to be centred on the plate to reach all fiducials.
  • Added support to OBSERVE and SCANPREP for the ADAM PROMAP ORTHO System 2's new camera position. The right plate is now always moved to the right and prevented from moving in both plate scanning and model scanning modes.
  • Fixed crashing problem due to a lack of memory that occurred when pressing F2 to view the orientation details.

ADAM 3.0r

Released: 30/6/1999

  • ADAM System Software 3.0 is now Year 2000 Compliant. Dates stored by earlier versions with 2-digit years are interpreted by this version as lying between the years 1980 and 2079.
  • Added the ability to skip the pre-orientation step if desired.
  • Fixed communications problem encountered when working with terrestrial models that had resolutions less than 1mm.
  • Fixed various communications problems, including certain buttons being ignored on a PROMAP using a 3D hand control for digitising and users sometimes having to digitise a fiducial twice while performing an interior orientation.
  • CHK_DATM now works with control points that have more than 8 characters in their names.
  • The READ CONTROL POINTS menu option (which is in the program PREPARE) now correctly reads control point names that contain more than 8 characters.
  • The orientation log file no longer reports statistics for fiducials that were deactivated.

ADAM 3.0q

Released: 26/3/1998

  • The exterior orientation no longer hangs after the 5th point is observed when doing very large jobs.
  • The screen no longer goes blank when importing plate coordinate files.
  • Corrected the Plot Area Y coordinate in the ADAMDCS.TMP file.
  • The point counter shown when reading .MAF files now correctly counts past 32767.
  • Improved the relative exterior orientation, particularly for terrestrial models.
  • A warning is now displayed if the exterior orientation converges on an inverted model (indicated by a negative base).
  • Improved the affine transformation used for interior orientation.
  • Improved communications with the ECU.

ADAM 3.0p

Released: 20/5/1997

  • Corrected the calibration procedure for the Delta-Y axes of ASP-2000 stereoplotter.
  • Corrected an error in the menu option to prepare ADAM PROMAP Ortho System for photo scanning.
  • Added the AERTRI.MBD file to the kit to allow AERTRI 2.1 menus to be updated for ADAM 3.0 compatible operation.
  • Added a work-around for a Windows NT 4.0 RS232 port timing error which caused ECU communications to fail.

ADAM 3.0n

Released: 4/4/1997

  • Added support for some specific orientation requirements for the ADAM PROMAP Ortho System.
  • Added the ADAMSYS and CALLOAD programs, which were inadvertently omitted from the ADAM 3.0m kit.
  • Camera and lens names are now verified correctly to prevent the user from inadvertently leaving the fields blank.
  • Minor errors in the F7 and F8 key operations have been corrected.

ADAM 3.0m

Released: 25/2/97

  • Corrected a number of problems associated with creating or updating strips, models, and control points.
  • Corrected a number of problems relating to points disappearing or resetting during exterior orientation observation or between exterior orientation observation sessions.
  • PCO and MCO files no longer output values for points that have not been observed.
  • Camera orientation data is now reported in the job.LOG file.
  • Improved the report on stereoplotter calibration.
  • Fixed the problem of .JOB files growing to extraordinary sizes. (Old .JOB files will stay big but will not grow any further.)
  • Fixed the problem of occasional corruption of .JOB files.
  • Removed the need for the PRINT command, which is not available under Windows 95 or Windows NT, by using the Windows NOTEPAD program to Print on these operating systems. On MS-DOS or Windows 3.1, the ADAM VIEW program will initiate printing.
  • Iteration limits are no longer reset between exterior orientation calculations for terrestrial jobs. The default is also more reasonable at 100. (Recent releases have also made improvements to exterior orientations on terrestrial models.)
  • Corrected an error (which occurred very infrequently) in loading asymmetric lens distortions.
  • Eliminated timing problems between the ECU and very fast Pentium PCs.
  • Eliminated the problems that followed attempts to drive beyond the plate range.
  • Incorporated a considerable number of other minor or cosmetic corrections.